Our standard ProControl Series 2plus systems provide full SCADA capability in a single device.  They bring independent control, logging, alarm reporting and remote monitoring capability to your operation, without the need for full-time communication.  Constantly monitoring and optimizing your equipment operations, the ProControl will keep you informed, providing data when you need it, and the tools you need for troubleshooting remotely.

Standard ProControl Models:

Type C1/C2 - Up to 20 Inputs/Outputs (I/O), starting at only $1,295
            Download Type C Datasheet  -  2ptypeC.pdf

Type B1/B2 - Up to 51 I/O, LCD display, starting at only $2,495
            Download Type B Datasheet  -  2ptypeB.pdf

Type A1/A2 - Up to 78 I/O, VF display, starting at only $3,495
            Download Type A Datasheet  -  2ptypeA.pdf

Download Series 2plus  User Manual  -  S2PUserManual.pdf